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Corporate Travel

From inception, XL Sandown Travel Corporate Services has followed a vision of creating unique programs for our travellers and the companies they represent. We understand how the complexities of travel are affected by company cultures. As the needs of our clients and their employees have evolved, we have customised our programs to provide a new direction for our corporate partners.

What distinguishes our Corporate Services from others is the fact that every program we design incorporates Solutions, Services and Savings. We tailor our programs to fulfil your specific requirements.

Just as we have helped thousands of companies throughout the years, our Corporate Services will help you build a travel program that continually evolves and optimises efficiency.


Sandown Travel is committed to the principles and implementation of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment. In terms of the codes of good practice, Sandown Travel has a Level 1 rating.



Whether it’s Travel Policy Compliance, Carbon Reporting or Cost  Management; we can offer a host of standard reports or we can tailor-make your reporting to give you complete access to all your travel spend. Ensuring you can proactively manage both the expenses and social responsibilities within your organisation.


If you have employees who travel, it’s your obligation to know where they are and how you can communicate with them should a trip disruption occur. We provide you with the tools to fully manage a traveller support system, loaded with powerful travel risk management and communication platforms. Including Travel Alerts, business travellers need to be armed with useful and relevant REAL TIME data when trip disruptions occur.

Mobile Access

On-the-go travellers don’t have time to mess around with clunky laptops and slow work computers. With mobile access to all your travel details and expenses, you can easily check your itinerary, capture and upload transactions and receipts, add car mileage, check the weather and more. Enjoy easy access to up-to-date information delivered right to your smartphone – creating a better travel experience


We offer a number of online booking tools, selected on what solution is best for your organisation and configured to your organisation’s needs – from a single instant-booking tool, right through to a more complex system that incorporates your own travel policy and electronic approval mechanism. Whatever your requirements, we are confident we have the right online solution to suit your needs.


24/7 Access

Travel emergencies don’t just happen from 9 am to 5 pm — at XL Sandown Travel we provide your travellers with peace-of-mind by giving them access to a live travel consultant; anywhere, anytime.

Dedicated Consultants

Sandown travel consultants provide travellers with an unmatched combination of experience and expertise. These consultants are known for consistently delivering quality solutions in a constantly evolving industry.

Account Management

Consider our account managers an extension of your organisation. Our corporate travel account managers are regarded as the best in the industry. They help, manage and execute your corporate travel program and policies. They serve as consultants for your travel program and are a key to assisting with supplier negotiations.


Everything you need for a safe and successful trip is delivered by your Sandown Travel Consultant, including:

  • Advice on restrictions, conditions, Visa and health requirements, based on the on-site Visa specialist;
  • Arranging access to business class lounges;
  • Passport and Visa procurement;
  • Foreign Exchange arrangements;
  • And a dedicated query admin liaison officer for the group.
  • Sandown Travel will assist in tracking unused e-tickets and ensuring they are refunded or exchanged.



Our reservation tools are linked to more than 25 Hotel discounters globally, all linked through one aggregator – ensuring the best pricing and that the normal payment channel is retained.


Why spend more on your car rentals than you have to? Forget that endless searching for the lowest rental cost––let our team create the perfect Car Program for your needs and begin seeing dramatic savings immediately.


We proactively leverage off our global and local partners to ensure the best possible savings. With the agreements in place with over 80 major airlines worldwide, our specialist teams provide clients with up to 10 million different fare combinations. Every quote response we deliver offers a range of options for the requested trip, giving you on policy, under-budget and out-of-the-box solutions which make you shine.

Supplier Negotiations

A key component to the success of a travel management program is effectively negotiating productivity-based, value-added and discount agreements with an airline, car rental and hotel travel suppliers. On behalf of our clients, Sandown Travel negotiates hundreds of contracts annually, by analysing and presenting real-time travel data collected through our expert quality control, business accounting system and travel management reports. This experience, coupled with a deep appreciation of our supplier relationships and friendships built on years of trust, allows us to negotiate travel deals that others simply are unable to secure.

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